Interpreting and conference services

Whether it be a private meeting among executives or a large conference with hundreds of international guests, WTC has the know-how and resources to ensure the successful outcome of your meeting.

Technical equipment

We are able to provide the equipment and technical assistance that may be required for different occasions, such as:

Equipment for infrared simultaneous interpretations
Amplifiers, microphones, audio recording systems, conference systems and closed circuit TV systems.

Video projection
VCRs, monitors, video projectors, video filming and direction, videoconferencing systems, lighting equipment, slide projectors and projector screens.

Our interpreters

The interpreter is often the only link between the host company and its foreign guest parties. Accordingly, WTC rigorously selects its interpreters on the basis of interpersonal qualities, as well as proven professional skills, thus ensuring that all parties feel at ease during meetings.

We are able to provide professional interpreters for the following services:

Simultaneous interpreting
From a soundproof interpretation booth, interpreters immediately translate into the target language, transmitting to audience members wearing receivers. The number of interpreters required will depend on the language combination(s), the duration of the work and the subject-matter.

Consecutive interpreting
The interpreter takes notes during the course of a speech and summarises them at the speaker's pauses (approximately every 5-10 minutes).

This is a simultaneous translation “whispered” by the interpreter to the listener, and requires no dedicated conferencing equipment.

Negotiation interpreting
This is the service provided by an interpreter who translates during the course of a business meeting between two or more people. The interpreter often has to resort to intuitive skills to understand the objectives that the parties hope to achieve and the intents that may exist behind different cultural expressions.

Conference and trade show services
We are able to provide hostesses and stand assistants with fluency in two or more languages and the ability to quickly “fit in” with a company's image and corporate culture.