The art of translating is much more than the mere transposition of a string of words from one language into another. The mark of a quality translation rests in the accurate conveyance of meaning, for which specialised language skills are required. Our translators are specialised professionals who translate exclusively into their mother tongue. That is why at WTC we give our clients much more than our word!

We are specialised in:

Technical translations
Civil engineering, electronics, mechanics, aeronautics, telecommunications, information technology, petroleum, automotive, construction, agriculture, sport and fashion industries.

Medical and scientific translations
Medical, pharmaceutical, astronomy, biology, veterinary,chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology and environment sectors.

Business and financial translations
Bank documentation, IPOs, investment funds, joint-venture contracts, mortgages, guarantees, corporate finance, economic surveys, due diligence reports, commercial correspondence, market analyses, business plans and web-site localisations.

Legal translations
Notary deeds, court documents (sentences, recourses, petitions, judgments), writs, affidavits, proceedings documents, contracts, proxies, powers of attorney, copyrights and patents, insurance policies, arbitrations, notarisations, bankruptcy proceedings and technical reports and appraisals.

Company document translations
Deeds of incorporation, statutes, financial statements and audit reports, certificates and board meeting minutes.

Sworn translations
For translations requiring notarisations, legalisations and/or consulate visas such as: documents for international tenders, notary documents, proceedings documents, registry office certificates and certificates in general.

Translation of websites
We are able to translate you Website into any language through work by our mother tongue specialists, followed by internal revision, in order to provide you with a complete and thorough translation, following the technical specifications requested by you and to make your company and its products known through out the world.


Translations are delivered via E-mail, in electronic format (floppy or CD-rom) or hardcopy (fax or courier), as needed.