About us

World Translation Centre S.r.l. (WTC) is a Rome based translation and interpreting company, established in 1973.

We are among the pioneers of multilingual business services in Italy, having invested resolutely and professionally in the industry since the early 1970s.

Over the years the trademark has come to be recognised as a symbol of quality translation and interpreting services. WTC has served thousands of local and international businesses and won awards for quality excellence, such as the "Qualità Roma" and "Qualità Italia" prizes.

Today, with a successful track record of over thirty years, WTC is one of the leading translation and interpreting companies in Italy.

At WTC our mission is simple: "to satisfy any communication need in any language" . Our clients can rely on a full range of language services, from translation and interpreting, to the organisation of conferences and events and various language consulting services. For all our services we draw upon the skills of the most accomplished professionals and use a proven work methodology supported by state-of-the-art networking technology.

WTC is a member of Unilingue (the Italian National Federation of Translation and Interpreting Companies) as well as the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), both founding members of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC).

Since 1973, quality has been the hallmark of our service now certified in respect of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 regulations by the accredited body QUALITY ITALIA - IQ NET.