With over thirty years experience and a consolidated reputation in the provision of quality language services, we are confident of the value we can offer our clients. The following are several key points that we trust may lead you to consider us as your partner for translation, interpreting and conference services:

  • EXPERIENCE: our reputation derives from over thirty years market experience. The value embedded in such a long-standing trading activity is not simple to summarise. Suffice to say that we are fully aware of the difficulties of our industry and that we are experienced problem-solvers.

  • RESOURCES: a team of in-house translators, proof-readers, editors and project managers and a network of over 400 professional freelance linguists working in more than 30 languages.

  • QUALITY: our translators carry out work in their fields of expertise and translate exclusively into their mother tongue. Our quality checks, including proof-reading, terminological and stylistic editing and page layout formatting ensure a very high quality output. Aware of the importance of consistent style and language we endeavour to assign the same translator to the same client to ensure consistent use of client specific terminology.

  • RATES: we continuously monitor our market competitiveness through attendance at industry meetings, market surveys and feedback from our clients. We strive to ensure that we are always offering our clients the most competitive market rates. Discounts are available for volume work or long term contracts.

  • PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT: we are dedicated to providing a professional service and adhere to a strict code of professional conduct. To avoid unpleasant surprises anywhere along the production process we establish clear terms and conditions with our clients at the outset through comprehensive price and delivery quotations. Clients may contact the project manager handling their project for progress updates and/or change requests at any time.

  • SPEED: speed of delivery depends on a number of factors (volume, subject-matter, language combination and client urgency), but in many cases we are able to turnaround a translation project, even in several languages, in a matter of days. We always prefer to assign each translation project to a single linguist, but for extremely urgent translations we can pull together a team of translators under the supervision of a proof-reader, thus ensuring consistency in terminology and style and an extremely quick turnaround.

  • CONFIDENTIALITY: at WTC your confidentiality is guaranteed. Respect for the confidential nature of our work is inherent to our policies and procedures, and we are glad to enter into contractual agreements to formalise this understanding.